an ambisonic XR experience that encourages one to perceive the relationship between sound, image, and the space they are consumed in.
different stems of music in the key of Eb minor are sung from individual goldfish that “swim” the sounds around the user.
the experience demonstrates the depth one can achieve when they bridge the capabilities of Unity, Ableton Live and Google Resonance.

tosakin 土佐金

a distinctive breed of goldfish with a large tail fin that spreads out horizontally (like a fan) behind the fish. Though technically a divided tail, the two halves are attached at the center/middle forming a single fin.
Vocal Distorted
Vocal Soprano
Vocal Tenor

redcap oranda 丹頂

a Chinese egg-shaped variety of goldfish with a prominent red headgrowth. shimmering white scales, and split caudal fin fans out when it stops swimming. all of its fins are paired except the dorsal fin, and the tail fin is generally split.
Psychedelic Guitar
Saxophone Solo
Synth Arp

black moor デメキン

a jet black veiltail with spherical protruding eyes. it is believed to have been found in China in the early 1700s. it was known as the Dragon Eyes or the Dragon Fish. in Japan, it became known as the Demekin.
Saxophone Group
Psychedelic Perc

jikin ジキン

a very distinct look that visually separates them from other goldfish. They are silvery-white with six red points. They have red points on the lips, dorsal, ventral, pectoral, caudal, and anal fins. one unique attribute is that they have a split four-lobed tail, referred to as a peacock tail.
Spatial Hi-Hat
Hi-Hat Trills
*open in YouTube for 360º/VR